Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Three Bars for Four Boys

Four boys have three candy bars; a Snickers, a Hershey's chocolate bar and a Mars bar.  They agreed to cut one bar into three pieces, one into four pieces and one into five pieces.  They each took turns to pick one piece of a bar of their choice until everyone had three pieces.  Figure out who got which pieces and each of their last names.

1. Smith did not select a Mars piece.
2. Jeremy took two of the four Mars pieces, but no Hershey's.
3. Jones was the only one who did not get a piece of Snickers.
4. Derek and Smith each had one more Hershey's than Tyler.
5. Jason took no Mars pieces.
6. Greene took no Hershey's.
7. Ozzie took one Mars piece.

To be clear: first names are Derek, Jason, Jeremy, and Ozzie.  The last names are Greene, Jones, Smith and Tyler.


  1. hesley=5,snicker=3,mars=4
    jason smith
    jereny greene
    ozzie taylor
    derek jones

  2. Jason Smith : 1xSnickers + 2xHershey's
    Jeremy Greene : 1xSnickers + 2xMars
    Derek Jones : 1xMars + 2xHershey's
    Ozzie Tyler : 1xSnickers + 1xHershey's + 1xMars

    3xSnickers, 4xMars, 5xHershey's

  3. Hershey's = 5 pieces (H), Mars = 4 pieces (M), Snickers = 3 pieces (S).

    Jason Smith = 0M/2H/1S
    Derek Jones = 1M/2H/0S
    Jeremy Greene = 2M/0H/1S
    Ozzie Tyler = 1M/1H/1S


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