Monday, February 13, 2012

Four Pizzas Watched a Football Game

Four guys are watching a football game.  At the beginning of the game, they defrost and cook four pizzas.  They sliced up the pizzas so that the pepperoni pizza had three slices.  The cheese pizza had five slices.  The sausage pizza had four slices and the vegetarian pizza had four slices.

So, which guy ate which kinds of pizza, and how many slices did they have of each?

1. All four guys had four slices.
2. No one ate more than three slices of any one kind.
3. 1 of the pizza slices, a pepperoni one, was chosen by Hank.  Another 1 that he had was vegetarian.
4. 3 of Peter's choices were just one kind.  1 was vegetarian.
5. Two of the guys ate one of each kind.
6. Jason does not like cheese pizza.


  1. Peter: 1xV, 0xP, 3xC and 0xS
    Jason: 1xV, 1xP, 0xC and 2xS
    Hank: 1xV, 1xP, 1xC and 1xS
    Other: 1xV, 1xP, 1xC and 1xS

  2. Hank: 1xP 1xC 1xS 1xV
    Pete: 3xC 1xV
    Jason: 1xP 2xS 1xV
    ? : 1xP 1xC 1xS 1xV


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