Monday, February 27, 2012

Puzzles for Friends

Four friends met for lunch at the local diner. They each ordered a sandwich, one side, and one dessert. Each one ordered something different. Who ordered what?

1. Peter Wish didn't have french fries with his sandwich, which was not roast beef.
2. The man who had the rice pilaf also had chocolate cake.
3. Mr. Tummel, whose first name is not Tim, didn't order the garden salad or the apple pie.
4. Walter didn't order a tuna sandwich or baked potato.
5. Sam thought the hot fudge sundae looked a lot better than his dessert, but he agreed that his side dish was better than Tim's salad.
6. Mr Summer and Peter didn't order a dessert with ice cream.
7. Sam didn't order the baked potato, but he did get the turkey sandwich.
8. The man who got vanilla ice cream, and it wasn't Walter, ordered fries with his sandwich.
9. Mr Wayvern, whose first name wasn't Walter, ordered a ham sandwich but didn't order apple pie.

First Names: Peter, Sam, Tim, and Walter.
Last Names: Summer, Tummel, Wayvern and Wish.
Sandwich: Ham, roast beef, tuna and turkey.
Side dish: Baked potato, french fries, garden salad, and rice pilaf.
Dessert: Apple pie, chocolate cake, hot fudge sundae, and vanilla ice cream.


  1. Peter Wish had Tuna Sandwich, baked potato, and apple pie.
    Tim Wayvern had Ham Sandwich, garden salad, and hot fudge sundae.
    Sam Summer had Turkey sandwich, rice pilaf, and chocolate cake.
    Walter Tummel had roast beef, french fries and vanilla ice cream.

  2. Sam Tummer had a turkey sandwich, fries, and vanilla ice cream.
    Tim Wayvern had a ham sandwich, garden salad, and a hot fudge sundae.
    Walter Summer had a roast beef sandwich, rice pilaf, and a chocolate cake.
    Peter Wish had a tuna sandwich, baked potato, and apple pie.

  3. I have to disagree with Anonymous today.
    Peter Wish had tuna, baked potato and apple pie.
    Walter Summer had roast beef, rice pilaf and chocolate cake.
    Tim Wayvern had ham, garden salad, and hot fudge sundae.
    Sam Tummel had turkey, french fries and vanilla ice cream.

  4. where did you find this question??????


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