Friday, February 17, 2012

Alien Logic Puzzle

Five aliens, each from different planets, were all, coincidently, testing prototypes of UFO; they were all seen by different people from the Earth.

 Which alien tested which UFO, what planet were they from and who was the earthling that saw them?

1. Sidney, who was beyond scared when he saw a UFO piloted by Targon, who happened to stare out of his UFO window at that moment, did not see the alien from the Planet Outer Zog.
2. Zeebo piloted one of the Alpha UFO's, but George, who didn't spot the Bounty 1 UFO, which was piloted by Wildo or Truffid, didn't see this. The Dweeb or Wildo piloted the other Alpha.
3. The planet with the strangely familiar name of The Inner Ear was the home for the Bounty 1 UFO, which wasn't seen by Wesley
4. Burt, who chose to think that he had been watching too much Star Trek on TV, spotted the alien from Loftland.
5. The planet Dorkonia, inhabited mainly by Dorks, is home to Wildo, who was not spotted tracing across the sky in Alpha Y or Rentaship and not by Jeremy or George. Toola was not the planet home to the UFO Zelphod.
6. The home planet to Alpha Y comes alphabetically before the home planet to Alpha X.


  1. Sidney saw Targon in a Rentaship from Toola
    George saw Zeebo in an Alpha X from Outer Zog
    Jeremy saw Truffid in a Bounty 1 from Inner Ear
    Burt saw Dweeb in an Alpha Y from Loftland
    Wesley saw Wildo in a Zelphod from Dorkland

  2. I wonder if my answer above was correct?

  3. Yes Kobus, it is one of the many correct answers. The puzzle leaves too many variables open allowing for multiple correct answers.


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