Tuesday, February 21, 2012

53 Bicycles

A man is dead with 53 Bicycles around him. Why is he dead?


  1. He's the King of Hearts with the knife in his head, in a pack of Bicycle playing cards.

  2. OHHHH that makes sense hahaha

  3. Andy, there are only 52 cards in a pack of bicycles. But I think you may be on the right track by thinking it is cards... So if he has 53 cards around him, and we go with the bicycle cards theory, there is one extra card. Perhaps he cheated?

  4. There are two jokers ... so remove one king, add two jokers, 53 cards :-))

  5. I had to physically print a copy of the King Card showing the sword/knife in this head. It is funny how people miss the "details."


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