Thursday, October 01, 2009

Brothers Keeper

A hiker was traveling up the steep sides of Pine Gorge when he heard the distant squeal of tires. The hiker looked up just in time to see a red convertible slam through a guard rail and sail out into the deep gorge.  The driver was thrown clear of the vehicle seconds before impact. 

The highway patrol found the bloody body of Blue Michaels smashed up on the rocks. Inside the car were several loose rocks, a tangle of broken branches, and more blood on the seat and dashboard.

The Michaels saga was well known to the local community.  Blue had been engaged to the town beauty, Red Ferreli. But the engagement was broken when Blue found out Red had been stepping out with one of his brothers.  No one was sure which brother had betrayed Blue so badly.

The patrolmen visited the Michaels lodge, located a half mile up hill from where the accident occurred.   Blue's two brothers seemed devastated by the news.

"Blue was in a funk," Dirk testified.  "He'd been drinking all morning.  Finally, he just grabbed his car keys and said he was going for a drive.  I yelled at him and told him he was in no state to go anywhere.  I didn't hear the motor, so I thought he'd listened.  Then a couple of minutes later, I heard his car peel out.  I would've gone after him, but there was this play-off game on T.V.  I had no idea he'd kill himself."

Eli confirmed his brother's story.  " I was in the garage office, working on my computer when I heard the front door slam.  I looked out the window and saw Blue stumbling around the driveway.  I went back to work until I heard the ignition.  I looked out and saw Blue driving off in his convertible, weaving down the road.  I wasn't too worried.  Not until you guys showed up."

The police immediately concentrated their investigation on one of the brothers and were soon able to get a confession. 

Who did it?


  1. Eli did.

    Presumably, Blue was killed near the car, then the the murderer made it look like an accident--there was blood in the car, which there wouldn't be if he was thrown clear before the impact.

    The only one that makes sense is Dirk's story. There was a gap between Blue leaving the house and the car peeling out of the driveway--time enough for Eli to kill Blue and then drive away in the car.

  2. Also, Eli's said he saw Blue driving off, while Dirk didn't see Blue, only heard the car. Assuming one of the brothers was a murderer, if Eli was telling the truth he would have said he saw Blue and Dirk driving off.

  3. HarryC and Jeff have got the whole story down. It seems Eli was the guilty party, as indicated by the blood on the steering wheel. If he hadn't been thrown by the car (and those meddling kids! ;-) ), he might have gotten away with it.

  4. The end of eli's statment is kinda funny too. he says "i wasnt worried too much until you guys showed up"


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