Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Those Ivy Leaguers

What 11-letter word is pronounced incorrectly by more than 99% of Ivy League graduates?


  1. Hilarious, Mike. Even more hilarious, that no one else has figured this one out. I'd even venture to say that this word is pronounced "incorrectly" by over 99% of your blog readership...

  2. wow.. that was SO difficult.. incorrectly.

  3. Didn't you do this with 'wrong'?

  4. Oh...

    I thought it was hydroxyurea

  5. incorrectly.
    But how does the other 1% pronounce it?
    That's the REAL question.......

  6. The answer is "incorrectly".

  7. Seeeeee, if they don't pronounce it "incorrectly", then they are in fact pronouncing it incorrectly.

    Meaning that it's impossible not to pronounce it incorrectly. So really, 100% of EVERYONE pronounces it incorrectly in some fashion or another.

    How's that for snarky?

  8. And here I thought it was "mischievous." But I think I spelled it wrong lol

    I believe it IS "incorrectly."

  9. I know, I know... I did something like this very recently. But I like to try and see if I can misdirect you and this seemed like it might.

    Of course it didn't! :-) But that's what I do try to do.

    Besides which, these types of questions tend to be some of the most fun to read the comments for. :-) At least, they made me laugh throughout the day yesterday as the appeared in my inbox.

    Incorrectly is the answer, and yes... you do have to wonder about that other 1%.

  10. Actually, the other 1% could also be pronouncing it "incorrectly", just because 99% are doing something it doesn't automatically follow that the other 1% are not doing it. In fact 100% IS more than 99% :D


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