Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Fast Could a Frog Swim if A Frog Could Swim?

There is a frog, dead in the middle of an island. If he swims north, the distance to the mainland is 2 meters. If he swims south, the distance to the mainland is 3 meters. If he swims east or west, the distance is 4 meters. Which way does he swim?


  1. Umm... if the frog is 'dead in the middle of an island', then he isn't going to swim anywhere! :)

  2. How I get the question is the frog is alive, but he is bang in the middle of the island. So, he is on land, thus he do not need to swim, he can hop. :)

  3. the frog is dead so he is going nowhere lol

  4. It's better to ask this by TELLING it.
    Because if you read it aloud and SEE it visually, you remember it even better.

  5. True, but still fun. I would bet that some people were left scratching their heads for a minute or two. They may have had to re-read it a few time, too.

    As you pointed out, the answer is: the dead frog is going nowhere.

  6. You call this a brain teaser? What's next?


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