Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Cup of Coffee a Day Keeps the Jitters Away... Oh... Wait

On March 15, a friend was telling me, "Every day I have a cup of coffee.  I drank 31 cups in January, 28 in February and 15 in March.  So far, I drank 74 cups of coffee.  Do you know how many cups I would have drunk thus far if it had been a leap year?"

Well, do you?


  1. Depends...

    On March 15 of a leap year, he would have had 31 in January, 29 in February, and 15 in March for a total of 75 cups, one additional cup.

    But, you could also look at it like this: on the 74th day of a leap year it would be March 14th, not the 15th, and he would have had an equal amount of cups of coffee, 74.

  2. I guess the answer will be 74.
    Coz on 15th March, Mike's friend might not have had his cup of coffee.


  3. guess 74 excluding 15 march n 75 including it...

  4. Because leap years are a conspiracy to get one extra day of work out of salaried employees, Mike's friend would have had 76 cups for the extra work/stress =)

  5. He would have had just as much coffee, the difference being the conversation would have happened on March 14.


  6. 74 (he only said it)


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