Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ghee and Shinty... Must be a Good Combination

Last night I saw these two trivia questions and could not answer them. Can you?

1) What is a ghee?

2) Shinty is a form of what sport?


  1. Well, Ghee butter is a super pure type of butter. And I've heard of shinty somewhere, but I have no idea where!

  2. Ghee is clarified butter. Basically, heating up regular butter until the fats rise to the top and skimming it off the top until its clear.

    Shinty is sort of like field hockey.

  3. Shinty is a stick and ball sport played in Scotland similar to field hockey, that being siad it's like comparing Rugby and American Football, for more on Shinty aka Camanachd go to the Camanachd Association's web site or

  4. Ghee - Is very popular in India. As people have already mentioned Ghee is clarified butter, very high in calories and cholestrol.

    Shinty - Shinty (or camanachd or iomain in modern Scottish Gaelic) is a team sport played with sticks and a ball. Shinty is now played almost exclusively in the Highlands of Scotland (source: Wikipedia)

  5. You guys are good. Like I said, I had these two asked of me, and I couldn't answer. I did look them up and ghee is clarified butter and shinty is like field hockey.

  6. When I was in Bahrain, I needed some crisco to make some treats. I couldn't find any. But I could find Ghee. It looked and acted just like crisco. So I agree, it is some type of butter-type crisco stuff. Worked great.


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