Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Disqualified! What Do You Mean Disqualified!

A runner was awarded a prize for finishing first in a marathon.  But after seeing two pictures of the runner and his wristwatch, the judges ended up disqualifying him.  Why?

There is no 'right' answer to this one.  It's one of those lateral thinking puzzles.


  1. My only real guess would be that maybe he cheated and the pictures are of him at two different far apart locations in the marathon only minutes apart according to his own watch.

    Otherwise I would say it's a magic watch that teleports him or gives him incredible speed and the pictures proved that. haha.

  2. The first photo was from the begining of the race, and the second from the end of the race.
    They showed times that were too close together, meaning he had another mode of transportation.
    He was wearing different watches at the beginning than at the end, meaning it was twins running the race.
    He was wearing the watch on a different wrist, which really wouldn't mean anything, other than you could infer that it was twins.


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