Monday, October 26, 2009

Football Logic

Joseph and his 3 brothers are big fans of the local football team, so they were thrilled to win tickets. The boys wore their favorite jerseys, each a different color, to the game and sat together in 4 seats in a row. Each boy visited the concession stand during a different quarter of the game and bought a different snack from that of his brothers. Use the clues and table below to determine the order in which the boys sat, the colors of their shirts, the quarter in which each boy bought his snack, and what snack each boy bought.

1. The 4 boys are Noah, the red-shirted one, the one who got a snack during the first quarter, and the one who bought a hot dog.
2. The fan who bought a snack during the 2nd quarter sat between the fans who bought popcorn and nachos.
3. Daniel sat next to both the fan who bought a hot dog and the one who visited the concession stand in the first quarter.
4. The green-shirted fan sat to the left of Stephen, who did not sit next to the popcorn muncher.
5. The blue-shirted fan sat next to both the red-shirted and yellow-shirted fans.
6. One boy got pizza in the 4th quarter.


  1. Daniel, red-shirted, bought the popcorn @ 3rd qtr;
    Joseph, blue shirted, bought hotdog @ 2nd qtr;
    Stephen, yellow-shirted, bought nachos @ 1st qtr;
    Noah, green-shirted, bought pizza @ 4th qtr

  2. Looks like a good answer to me MyMy.

  3. Did I get it right? :)

  4. Joseph, Daniel, Stephen, Noah
    who ate:
    Popcorn, Pizza, Hot Dog, Nachos
    in the quarters:
    1, 4, 2, 3
    and were wearing:
    Green, Red, Blue, Yellow.

  5. Those are wrong, but close.

  6. mike is right

  7. look right to me

  8. that was hard for me. i kept thinking dan and the pizza in 4Q were separate.
    finally got it though :)


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