Friday, January 06, 2006

Speed of Light

Your light switch is all the way across the room from your bed. Yet, you are able to turn off your light switch, and then jump into bed before your room gets dark. There are no timers used. How can you do it?



  1. a) You go to bed when it is still light outside.

    b) You live in Alaska in the time when it is nevere really dark anytime.

    c)You have another table lamp by the bed which is switched on

  2. Your light bulb is so hot that it glows for a few seconds after you turn out the light. Be careful, it might start a fire.

  3. You work the late shift.

    There is another bulb in the room.

    You defy Einstein's laws of relativity and can move FASTER then the speed of light. Possibly by warping the fabric of space around you.

  4. The clapper?

    No, it says "you are able to turn off your light switch".

    I'll go with it is still light outside therefore the room is not dark, even with the light in the room off.

  5. I would have said it's still light outside (and you have a window in your bedroom, I assume). Hopefully, you're light doesn't stay on after you switch it off, and as for warping time/reality... can the world handle such stresses?

  6. How about the light is located near your bed and contains it's own switch (such as a table-top lamp)...


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