Thursday, January 05, 2006

Over Medication

Millions of people buy a particular medicine. The disease for which the medicine is effective is one that these people have virtually no chance of catching. What do they buy?



  1. Smart pills. Theres millions of people that have NO chance of catching intelligence.

  2. They buy the medicine, but they're not taking it. It's for their pets or their children or something.

  3. Maybe I should have labeled this as trivia instead of a riddle.

    Answer: The medicine is quinine which is found in tonic water. Quinine is an effective medication for malaria. The British suffered heavily when they were in India until quinine was discovered to cure and prevent it. But quinine has an unpleasant taste, so they placed it in carbonated water, creating tonic water.

    Although, I suppose many people are over medicated these days with allergy medications and such, blueyes. As for smart pills, sign me up!

    I never even thought of giving it to their pets or children. That's thinking outside the box.

  4. Or one could argue that the disease is a genetic disorder and therefore although there is no chance of "catching" it one would still be afflicted...


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