Monday, January 09, 2006

It's a gas

A woman was found dead in her room with the windows and door locked from the inside. She had died from being gassed. The gas fireplace had been left on. She had been seen entering the room by her sister. It was assumed she had accidently put the gas on and forgotten to light it and the death was ruled accidental. But, in fact, her husband had killed her. How did he do it?



  1. I'm struggling.

    The husband could easily have turned the gas on before she entered the room.

    She entered voluntarily (and alive!), implicit from the sister's statement.

    But why did she lock the door?

  2. He turned the gas off outside at the cutoff valve at the gas meter and turned the gas on in the gas fireplace.

    Then , after she locked herself in the room, he went outside and opened the meter valve when she had had enough time to fall asleep.

  3. Could also be from a car in the garage... granted if the garage is beneath that room. The gas from the fireplace would more then likely go up the flu (If it is the type that can also go to wood that is)

  4. Mike had the answer closest to mine, but remind me not to stay at any of your places in the future!

    The woman lit the fireplace and then had fallen asleep. Her husband had found the gas switch inside the house and turned it off. The fire, without any fuel, had gone out. He then switched the gas back on, killing his wife.

    As for why she locked the door? Maybe she suspected her husband at being up to no good?


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