Saturday, January 14, 2006

Logic Puzzle

Professions: doctor, attorney, nurse, teacher, student
Accessory: Necklace, Pin, earrings, ring, Bracelet
Jewel: Ruby, diamond, Garnet, Emerald, Sapphire
Names: Wanda, Julie, Sarah, Mary, Wilma

Five friends met together at a high school reunion. They chatted about old times as well as current issues. Each one in turn said what their profession was. One of the women was in college working on her master's degree in botony. At the reunion, they noticed that each of the women were wearing a piece of jewelry that was different from each other in funtion and the gemstone type. Two of the pieces were a ruby necklace and a sapphire bracelet. Match each person to their profession and piece of jewlery.

The attorney noticed that Julie's eyes exactly matched the color of the gemstone that she was wearing.

Wanda and Wilma chatted about old boyfriends they had. Wilma couldn't stop noticing the tennis braclet that Wanda was wearing.

Mary chatted politely to the two friends in the medical profession. How strange it seemed to her that they had both chosed to wear the same color gemstone.

The teacher explained that blue had always been her favorite color and that all her accessories had blue stones as well.

The attorney was not wearing the leaf pin accented with a one carat emerald. However, she noticed that that pin would coordinate with her ring with a leaf motif.

Sarah explained how her job as a nurse was very rewarding to her. She really enjoyed helping people in need. Her earrings glittered as she talked.


  1. Wanda Teacher Sapphire bracelet
    Wilma Doctor, ruby, necklace
    Julie Student Emerald pin
    Mary Attorney, diamond ring
    Sarah Nurse Garnet Earrings

  2. You got it anon...

    Wanda = teacher, bracelet, sapphire
    Julie = student, pin, emerald
    Sarah = nurse, earrings, garnet
    Mary = attorney, ring, diamond
    Wilma = doctor, necklace, ruby

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