Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lazy Waiter

A man in a restaurant complained to the waiter there was a fly in his cup of coffee. The waiter apologized and promised to bring back a fresh cup. He returned a few moments later. The man tasted the coffee and complained again saying this was the same cup of coffee, the waiter had just removed the fly and returned with the same cup. How did he know?


  1. There was already milk and sugar in it the way the man likes it.

  2. He poured salt into the cup before he called the waiter to complain.

  3. Salt? I think I'd rather have sugar in mine!

  4. I was going to say that it was not as hot as a new cup of coffee would be.

  5. Maybe he accidently left his dentures in the cup.

  6. That cup had a mark he recognised.


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