Monday, January 23, 2006

It's getting hot in here

You're sitting in a small room (2 by 2 meter). It's very hot in the room. Then you have an idea and you rush off to get a big refrigerator. You put it in the room, switch it on with the door open, thinking you'll be able to lower the temperature of the room. Will the temperature go down in the room?


  1. Not really...

    1) The heat that gets pumped out of the inside of the fridge has nowhere to go but back inside the room. That is why a window mounted AC has the back end sitting out a window. It pumps the Heat outside.

    2) Even if you did cut a big enough hole in the wall and stuck the back end of the fridge out side the room, there may not be enough BTUs an hour to lower the temperature of even a small 2Mx2Mx3M room. It would take anywhere from 300~700 BTUs depending on how cold you want to make it.

  2. I am going to change my score since I looked around at BTU calculations... it would take almost 300BTU to cool the room by 1 degree Farenheight... 600BTU, while it would be enough to cool down a 20Cubic Foot fridge from 70F to 40F, would only be enough to cool a 300 Cubic Foot room by about 2F... And we are not even talking energy loss by lack of insulation.

  3. I'd say it's more likely to get hotter.

  4. Wayyyyy to much detail!!! ;-)

    Yes, it should get hotter in the room since the fridges cooling creates more heat than it takes away.

    A little bit of trivia for you... Did you know that a heated glass of water will (in most cases) freeze before a room temperature one?


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