Thursday, June 18, 2009

Since You Asked

As the midnight train arrives at the station, Art Ferrelo appears to be sleeping in his seat.

Someone knows that is not true.

At the station, four other passengers get off the train, leaving poor Art behind.  The conductor comes and taps him on the shoulder to wake him, but quickly realizes he won't be waking again.  He is dead.

"His heart?" asks the inspector.

"Strychnine," answers the forensic doctor.

A few hours later, the four other passengers have been rounded up and are being questioned.

The man in the dark suit: "I'm innocent.  The blond woman was talking to Ferrelo."

The blond woman: "I'm innocent.  I did not speak to Ferrelo."

The man in the light suit: "I'm innocent.  The brunette woman killed him."

The brunette woman: "I'm innocent.  One of the men killed him."

Later that morning, while filing the paperwork on his arrest, an officer asked the inspector how he had solved the case so quickly.

"It was easy," answers the inspector.  "Four true statements and four false ones.  Easy as pie."

Who killed Ferrelo? (Only one person is guilty.)


  1. The blond woman killed him - so three of the "first sentences" are true and one is false. It doesn't matter whether she was talking to him or not - either way three of the "second sentences" are false and one is true.

  2. The man in the dark suit. How did he know the deceased man's name?

  3. The blond.
    four true statements, four false statements.
    assume each person has one true statement and one false.
    dark suit: T, F
    blond: F, T
    light suit: T, F
    brunette: T, F

  4. Three of the "I'm innocent."s are true and one is false. There must be three other true statements and one other false statement. The man in the dark suit and the blond women contradict each other, so one of them must be telling the fourth truth. The remaining statements are lies, which eliminate everyone except the blond woman. She is the murderer.


    a a
    a a a a
    aa a
    a a a a
    a a

    With this syringe of poison!

    Which just means that this is my lame answer because I couldn't guess the real answer :P

  6. Wow, Blogger really didn't like the spacing I had on the above "image"!

  7. Bondie did it. If we assume her Im innocent is false the other three must be true, leaving one true out there. The dark suit says blondie talked to him which is true, leaving all other statements false. Blondie lied about talking to him and being innocents. brunette lied about 'one of the men did it' and light suit lied about it being the brunette.

  8. I think it is the guy in the light suit because I believe every word from the brunette because I'm brunette and she says one of the guys did it, since the one guy just said the blonde was talking to the dead fellow, he could have been mistaken, so it was the guy who said the brunette did it which is the light suit guy!!!!! Or another suspect no one knows about named "someone," because at the beginning it said SOMEONE knew he wasn't sleeping :P

  9. Several people have explained it quite well. Four true statement and four false statements means three out of the four "I'm innocent" statements are true, and only one of the other four statements can be.

    So, the blond did it.

    (Not someone! :-) )

  10. Yes, Blondie didn't talk to him, she just killed him~


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