Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do You Know Your Presidents?

The 22nd and 24th presidents of the United States had the same mother and the same father, but were not brothers. How can this be possible?


  1. it's the same guy - Grover Cleveland

  2. Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive years and thus is one in the same.

  3. They were both Grover Cleveland. Makes you wonder why he was considered both the 22nd AND 24th though...technically, when he served his second term, he wasn't really the 24th distinct president, was he?

  4. It was the same guy.
    Grover Cleveland served twice

  5. They were the same man.

  6. I was planning on saying that it is one of those things where you say george washington is everyones father not phisically but in spirit or whatever but then I thought I would check who he was and saw he was himself so yeah i cheated :P

  7. :D I was about to write that obviously the mother and father of any person would remain to be the same through it 22nd or 24th president !!

    But then i cheated and searched that who they were and they came out to be the same!! :P

  8. Didn't take you very long to figure out that he was one and the same person. I've always wondered how they do their counting, but Grover Cleveland is the answer.

    Have you checked out today's question, yet?

  9. Well, the real answer is that they're the same man, but if one (or both) had been a woman, it would also have been possible.


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