Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ping Pong Ball in a Pipe

I've been asked to 'ask' this riddle, or a variant of it, several times over the past week, so here you go:

You have a ping pong ball at the end of a curvy, long, skinny hole in the ground. You want to get it out but you can't stick your hand in it won't reach or fit. A string won't work because you won't be able to attatch it.

What (reasonable thing) can you do to get it out without digging a hole?


  1. Fill it with water, a ping pong ball floats

  2. ---ohh..this is the question from before..^^

    ---my answer is still the same..^^

    ---fill it w/ water and the ball will float..^^

  3. Fill it with water and the ping pong ball will float up.

  4. But would it work if the ground is made of soil?

  5. If you poured enough water in, yes it would work.

  6. you could always suck it out, like one would siphon gas back out of the car's gas tank...

  7. Blow into the hole, and if there is a bottom to the hole, the air will force the ball out.

  8. Why get the ball out of the hole?
    Put up a flag, trim the grass around it(assuming it is a hole in soil), then grab some friends and brag about your "hole-in-one". :)

  9. Aaaa, i get this riddle once... And the answer is... Fill it with water! Then, the pingpong ball will float... Then take it easily... Or you can just dig the hole if you were too lazy to find some water...

  10. Water, Water, Water,
    The Ping-Pong Bringer-er

    I'm srry, my brain isn't working rite now - i hit my head HARD on the corner of my monitor... ouch..


  11. suck it out! :D
    Or just use water to let it float out.


  12. defy gravity...lol.

    but using water is much more easier...

  13. um, i thought you could just blow into the pipe...
    but...yeah... filling it up with water makes sense too...

  14. I like ThomasJG answer... :P

  15. fill it with water

    try to answer my other riddle


  16. buy a new ping pong ball! But I suppose water would be cheaper.

  17. Some great answers, but I was wondering if you would be able to 'suck it out' without a vacumn cleaner or something like that. I'm pretty sure sticking a hose in would work.

    The hole-in-one story made me laugh.

  18. Leave it there and buy another

  19. water down the pipe


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