Monday, June 15, 2009

No Legs

What has a head, a tail,  is brown, and has no legs?


  1. A penny.

    Try to answer mine

  2. My cat? She's fat enough that it's possible to forget she has legs...

    Or there are probably several kinds of brown snakes out there.

    A penny would work too (but isn't nearly as fun).

  3. A penny: This is the first one since I subscribed to this feed that I've figured out!

  4. You guys are so smart, not for a second did I think of a penny. Now I feel like an idiot :-)

  5. A snake!!!! Or some kinds of fish. Or a brown needle, you know a head of a needle and the string is sort of a tail oh wait I think it is a head of a pin, but it was a brilliant thought while it lasted.

  6. My answer was going to be a penny, but a copper coin was definitely more definitive.

    Of course, the rest of your answers make a lot of sense (snake, worm, etc...). I'm not sure a sausage has a head and tail, however? I have to admit I'm not up to date on all the sausage jargon, though!

  7. I was more joking that a sausage has all the left over parts of the animal =P

  8. I thought it might be a joke.

    You can't see it but I'm still grimacing at the thought of all the body parts in a sausage. ick...

  9. a penny, although its not exactly brown but close enough

  10. rope, snake, needle, skating board, etc etc.. lot many non living things have a head and a tail and dont have legs ;)

    a penny is a smart answer though.. just read!! :D


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