Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are You Good With Big Words

Move from letter to letter horizontally and vertically, but not diagonally, to spell out a twelve letter word.  You have to find the starting point and the ending point, as well as provide the missing letters.

_ M M E
R I _ N
I S O _

I'm sorry if the letters don't line up correctly.  Try to picture a 3x4 box and place each letter in the space provided.


  1. IMPRISONMENT!!!!!! the missing letters are p, n, and t!!! it makes a side ways fancy s sort of shape. I can't believe I was the first to comment on this, and even more then that I can't believe I found it out!!!!

  2. ---imprisonment..^^


    ---good for you..^^

  3. :'( i'm never the first to answer! imprisonment.

  4. Imprisonment was the right answer.

    The square filled in should look like:
    P M M E
    R I N N
    I S O T

    Well done Sarah!

    Don't worry so much about answering first or last. The point is whether you can solve it!

  5. lol, i thought it was intermission


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