Friday, September 14, 2007

Slowest Train in the World

A train moves at less than one mph and yet passes dozens of people in less than two minutes. The person in charge who stops the train is not on it. When it stops, it picks up no passengers, which is odd since no one is on it in the first place. When the train returns in the direction it came from, it goes much faster.



  1. I think I know this one...

    The train in question is the train trailing a wedding dress. The bride moves slowly down the aisle, passes dozens of people, the minister stops it at the front of the church, then the train goes much faster as the wedding party vacates the church in time for the receiving line. I recently got married, so maybe I wouldn't have gotten this one as quickly otherwise.

  2. It is the train from a wedding gown. You guys never cease to amaze me by your ability to find the answers to these questions! Nice job anonymous.

  3. The Gravy Train? Think about it. Does gravy move that fast unless it is thanksgiving?


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