Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baseball Puzzle

Andy dislikes the catcher.
Ed's sister is engaged to the second baseman.
The center fielder is taller than the right fielder.
Harry and the third baseman live in the same building.
Paul and Allen each won $20 from the pitcher at pinochle.
Ed and the outfielders play poker during their free time.
The pitcher's wife is the third baseman's sister.
The pitcher, catcher, and infielders except Allen, Harry, and Andy, are shorter than Sam.
Paul, Andy, and the shortstop lost $50 each at the racetrack.
Paul, Harry, Bill, and the catcher took a trouncing from the second baseman at pool.
Sam is involved in a divorce suit.
The catcher and the third baseman each have two children.
Ed, Paul, Jerry, the right fielder, and the center fielder are bachelors.
The others are married.
The shortstop, the third baseman, and Bill each cleaned up
$100 betting on the fight.
One of the outfielders is either Mike or Andy.
Jerry is taller than Bill.
Mike is shorter than Bill.
Each of them is heavier than the third baseman.

Using these facts, determine the names of the men playing the various positions on the baseball team. (For you DH fans out there, consider this a National League team, that is, no DH.)


  1. Andy likes the catcher...it's Mike that Andy doesn't like.

  2. who gives puzzles like this for homework??? only my stupid teacher of course... :[

  3. That's funny Andy. I didn't even think of that.

    Anonymous, I kind of like this one. There's so much information to parse, it really makes you think. Imagine if you found this one on a pop quiz!

    Harry is the pitcher, Allen the catcher, Paul the first baseman, Jerry the second baseman, Andy the third baseman, Ed the shortstop, Sam the left fielder, Mike the right fielder, and Bill the center fielder.

  4. What were you're assumptions though. In other words how did you figure it out? I'm really shallow with these puzzles. Help me out!!

  5. How can Sam be an outfielder? because it says that Sam is part of the battery or infield right?

  6. I'm not sure how you got that?
    "The pitcher, catcher, and infielders except Allen, Harry, and Andy, are shorter than Sam." and "Sam is involved in a divorce suit." are the two clues involving Sam.

  7. Mike - is the answer you provided the answerkey from a book (which I lost years ago) or is this your concluded answer?

    I am working this out now and think Mike is left field. He is my first guess. Process of elimination from facts leaves him at right or left and based on this quote "Ed, Paul, Jerry, the rightfielder, and the center fielder are bachelors. The others are married." means he cannot be a right fielder because he is married.


  8. Hi Shane.
    I believe I solved this one by working it out. But it's been two years, so I really couldn't tell you.

    If something is out of line, it wouldn't be the first time I got something wrong.

  9. Mike - OK, thanks.


  10. Shane, you aren't thinking logically, *one of the outfielders is either Mike or Andy, but then, *the battery (pitcher and catcher) and the infield EXCEPT Allen, Harry, and ANDY! Mike IS right field and He does have all the correct answers!

  11. to "mike said".. you have to switch sam and paul


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