Friday, September 07, 2007

'S' is for Single

What word becomes plural when you add an 'S', but becomes singular when another 'S' is tacked on?

BTW, for those of you who are wondering why I have been remiss in answering the questions the next day, I am being blocked out at my workplace (very unfortunate). But, hopefully I answer each question eventually (from home). I will try to find some more consistent manner of answering, but I have not been able to as yet. (Anyone want to partner with me on this? The pay is lousy, but it can be a lot of fun.)


  1. Here's my guess...




  2. My biggest problem with this format is I never know how many people stare at the question and can't answer it! I thought this one was tough, but how can I tell?

    Nice job anonymous. The answer is: Prince, Princes and Princess.

  3. I thought it was tough, I'll see if this one stumps my journalist girlfriend though.


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