Monday, May 29, 2006

Who won?

8 friends decided to play in a pool tournament. They played a single elimination tournament, with three rounds (the first round, second round, and finals). Using the clues below can you determine who beat whom in each round?

Boys: Jack, Jamie, Jim, Roger, Tommy

Girls: Jessica, Renee, Tina


1. No one ever played against someone else with the same first name initial.

2. The four people who advanced to the second round were Renee, the person who beat Tina in the first round, the loser of the final match, and the man who played Jessica in the first round.

3. 3 games of the first round, and 1 game of the second round were played by two people of the opposite sex.

4. Jack only played against a man one time in the tournament, and Roger played against a man in every round he played in.

5. Renee played against Jack at some point in the tournament.

6. The two people who played in the final round were the winner, and the man who beat Tommy in the 2nd round.

7. Jim always played against a man in the tournament.

8. Jessica did not play against the eventual champion.

1 comment:

  1. First Round:
    Jack vs. Tina, Jack won
    Jamie vs. Renee, Renee won
    Jessica vs. Tommy, Tommy won
    Jim vs. Roger, Roger won

    Second Round:
    Jack vs. Renee, Jack won
    Tommy vs. Roger, Roger won

    Jack vs. Roger, Jack won


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