Saturday, May 06, 2006

How high can you go?

How high would you have to count before you would use the letter A in the English language spelling of a whole number.


  1. One Hundred And One

  2. I'll make a weak claim for 21, using the rather archaic German units first form. Haven't heard of "one and twenty"? Then how about "four and twenty"?

  3. Ummmm... German units are a bit beyond me, but I know that one hundred and one doesn't work when you're talking about money. One hundred and one is $100.01 since the and indicates the period (i.e. we're talking about cents now). Just ask your local banker if you don't believe me next time you write a check.

    The answer, excluding german units... ;-), is One Thousand.

  4. Going one step further with Jonathon's German units, we can say that Acht (i.e. eight in German) is the first one you'll come across :-)


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