Friday, May 26, 2006


Imagine, if you would, that you have 16 toothpicks and you arrange them as shown in the picture below. Moving only one toothpick can you turn the five squares into six?

BTW, Do you know of any good brain teasers, riddles, puzzles, etc.. that I could put up here? I have over 250 'questions' here so far and I would love it if you could contribute some of your own.


  1. If you move one of the toothpicks from the lower left square over to fill the gap, then it becomes 5 small squares and 1 big square made of 4 little ones.

  2. Will you give us a share of the google ad revenue if we give you post ideas?

  3. Andy, I'd be happy to do so, but since I make so little on this blog, I doubt it would be worth sending you a check.

  4. If you move the toothpick in the middle to the outside, you get 2 big squares and four small squares.

    Tamara, I'm sure you have it right, but I'm just having trouble picturing your solution.


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