Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dressed to the Nines

How do you six nines to equal exactly 100? You can use addition, division, decimals, etc... just no other digits.


  1. 99.9999999 = 100

    (For extremely large values of 99.9999999 only)

  2. too many 9s... chop off 3 ^_^

  3. (999 - 99) / 9 = 100

  4. This time the rules were too wide open.

    99 + 99/99
    99 + 9/9 + 9 - 9
    99.9999 (need a bar over that last 9)
    99 + 99^(9-9)

    Any restrictions?

  5. Nope, no further rules are needed. I like seeing all the possibilities here. I was just going to post the answer: 99 + (99/99), but all of the possibilities you, karnov, and tamara have come up with are interesting to me.

  6. Do you know "Four fours"? (that is one of many links.) It reminds me, a bit, of this problem. I use four fours with my freshmen each Fall.

  7. years late:

    9x9 + 9/9 + 9 + 9


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