Wednesday, August 19, 2009

World-Wide Cruise

A man sailed around the world by himself in a small boat.  Yet, he was always in sight of land.



  1. He sailed around Antarctica?

  2. Yeah... That sounds right...
    He sailed around Antarctica...
    Or he had a globe with him...
    Or he always sailed up against the coast...
    Or he had a TV with him and had a video camera set up on land that did a live stream...
    I got nothing else...

  3. Oh! I remembered...
    Or he brought a piece of land with him on the boat...

  4. Is "boat" used as a way to indicate a space ship in speech? If it is then we could be an astronaut.

  5. The man's 'world' could be a continent or an island. If he doesn't know there's land elsewhere, he'd sail around the island and think he'd travelled 'round the world.

  6. Land is short for "Landon", his son's name, who he had a picture of with him in his boat. Could see him the whole time! :)

  7. LOL these guys are so creative

  8. There were some great answers for this one. I'm tempted to just leave it at that, but the official answer (not necessarily the best one!) was he sailed around Antarctica.


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