Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Vows of Silence Here

In a convent, the novice nuns at dinner table are not allowed to ask for anything such as the salt from the other end of the table.  This is because they should be so in tune of one another's needs that they should not need to ask.

How do they get around this prohibition?


  1. They sit around a Lazy Susan/turn table hence they need not have to ask anyone to pass them anything.

  2. sign language

  3. It's a circular table so there is no "other end of the table".
    Or a Lazy Susan. That would work too.
    OH I KNOW! They DEMAND the things. Nun says to other nun "Pass me the salt."
    and then she will. And it's not asking.

  4. They would question, "Why dint you pass me on the salt that I needed?", as everyone is supposed to be in tune with each other's need. The question would already lead to the suggestion that they need the salt and it will be passed to them..

  5. I would also have to say sign language, or winking morse code, that is less obvious!!! or they all have their own salt, pepper and everything then they wouldn't have to ask.

  6. Close, anonymous, to what I have as the answer (not that the others are wrong).

    Sister Anna has the mustard in front of her and wants some salt which is in front of Sister Bella.

    Anna asks Bella if she wants the mustard. Bella would reply 'No, thanks, but would you like the salt?'

    Yes, I know those aren't great names for nuns!

  7. Just make eye contact and then look at the salt, like dogs do!


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