Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Right Answer

This is one of those questions that could be answered in many ways.  Try to use the clues involved to solve it, but don't let me squash your creativity!

The police found a murder victim and they noticed a pair of tire tracks leading to and from the body.  They followed the tracks to a nearby farmhouse where two women and one man were sitting on the porch.  There was no car at the farmhouse and none of the three could drive.  Yet the police quickly arrested the man.



  1. His shoes were made out of old tires

  2. The tracks were left by a bicycle, not a car and the man was found with the bicycle - it's difficult at best for a woman to ride a bicycle that's adjusted for a man.

  3. They were tractor tracks

  4. It was in a time where women didnt drive/or they are too young to drive

  5. The 'official answer' is the man was in a wheelchair, but you could say the man was sitting on a bicycle on the porch.

    Or maybe he had driven his Mini up onto the porch? ;-)

    The gender stuff was just to throw you off.


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