Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What is the Value of F

What is the value of F in the following system?

A + B =  Z
Z + P = T
T + A = F
B + P + F = 30
A = 8


  1. F equals 23.

    If we label the equations in order (1) to (5) we have:
    (1) & (2) => A + B + P = T
    (4) => A + 30 - F = T
    (3) => A + 30 - F = F - A
    (5) => 46 = 2F => F = 23

  2. F=23

    Since A=8
    8+B =Z from 1
    subtitute 1 in 2
    8 +B + P =T
    subsitute above in 3
    16 +B+P = F since A= 8 hence 2A=16
    subs above in 4
    we get
    2B+2P+2A = 30
    this gives

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  3. twenty three. hmmm the previous people found out how to find it alot less complicated then me. I found out the value of T when I substituted certain letters to get the equation: z-8+8+T+T-z=30. Then I got that T=15 and I almost published that before I realized that that was not what you wanted so I panicked thinking I had to somehow find another complicated equation, but just used the equation T+A=F and WUALLAAAA (an exclamation meaning it suddenly appeared :P)

  4. Agreed. F=23. (and in case anyone wanted to check work, I'm pretty sure A=8, B=-8, P=15, and T=15 (Z is a free variable)... looking at Rich's answer, I think I made it more complicated than it should have been...wooo lin. alg.)

  5. Looks like there's consensus on this one. F = 23 is the answer.

  6. What is -1/8f-3/4-1/4f=11?


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