Sunday, April 30, 2006


A Steel fixer, a painter, and an Electrician applied for jobs with a famous construction firm. From the information given below can you identify each worker's full name, job, and age?
1. Names: abe, Nicholas, Matt. Surnames: Jones, Lincoln, Ryan. Ages: 25, 30, 35 NOT RESPECTIVELY.
2. Jones, the Electrician, is older than abe.
3. Nicholas is the Painter.
4. The Steel fixer is 30 years old.
5. The youngest worker of the three is not called Ryan.

In case it isn't clear:
First Names: Abe, Nicholas and Matt
Last Name: Jones, Lincoln, and Ryan
Jobs: Steel Fixer, Painter and Electrician
Ages: 25, 30, and 35


  1. OK, Jones the electrician is not 25 (older than abe) not 30 (steel fixer is 30) so is 35.

    Jones the 35 yo electrician is older than abe, is not nicholas the painter, so must be Matt.

    Matt Jones is the 35 y.o. electrician.

    the 30 y.o. is the steel fixer, and is Ryan (since 35 is taken and ryan is not the youngest) Since Nicholas is the painter, Ryan must be Abe.

    Abe Ryan is the 30 y.o. steel fixer.

    That makes Nicholas Lincoln the 25 y.o. painter.

  2. I agree Jonathan. Nicholas Lincoln is the 25 year old painter.


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