Sunday, April 09, 2006

Five Houses

Five adjoining terraced houses, numbered consecutively from 1-5 are each painted in three different colors of the rainbow. Can you discover the colors of the walls, windows and front doors of each house?

1. The house with an orange front door and indigo walls isn't No 3 (which has green windows).
2. No 2 has yellow walls and red windows. No 5 has a red front door.
3. The house with orange walls and blue windows is directly next door to the house with a green front door and violet walls.

House No: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Walls Color: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and Yellow
Door Color: Red, Yellow, Orange, Violet, and Indigo
Window Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Violet and Indigo


  1. "1. The house with an orange front door and indigo walls isn't No 3 (which has green windows)."

    Indigo isn't a colour choice for the walls =(

  2. Did I mess up?

    My answer:
    House Door Walls Windows
    No. 1 Orange Indigo Violet
    No. 2 Blue Yellow Red
    No. 3 Yellow Red Green
    No. 4 Green Violet Indigo
    No. 5 Red Orange Blue

  3. Not sure... still trying to figure it out.


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