Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hopefully, I'll get this puzzle right

The gentlemen Dutch, English, Painter, and Writer are all teachers at the same secondary school. Each teacher teaches two different subjects. Furthermore:

1) Three teachers teach Dutch language
2) There is only one math teacher
3) There are two teachers for chemistry
4) Two teachers, Simon and mister English, teach history
5) Peter doesn't teach Dutch language
6) Steven is chemistry teacher
7) Mister Dutch doesn't teach any course that is tought by Karl or mister Painter.

The Question: What is the full name of each teacher and which two subjects does each one teach?

In case it isn't clear from the clues:
First Names: Simon, Peter, Steven, Karl
Last Names: Dutch, English, Painter, Writer
Each teacher has two classes: Dutch (3), math (1), chemistry (2), history (2)


  1. Simon English, History, Dutch
    Peter Dutch, Chem, Math
    Steven Writer, Chem Dutch
    Karl English, History, Dutch

  2. Looks like we agree, Karnov:

    Peter Dutch, math and chemistry
    Steven Writer, Dutch and chemistry
    Simon Painter, Dutch and history
    Karl English, Dutch and history.


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