Thursday, February 16, 2006

When in Rome

Prove that one half of nine is four.

Also, prove that one half of eight is three.

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  1. 2+2= 5 (for exceptionally large values of 2)

  2. IX divided laterally = IV
    the figure 8 divided vertically is 3

  3. You got it Tamara! Cover up the bottom half of IX (nine) and you get the roman numeral IV (four) (Did you see the title?).

    And just because it's a similar question: cover up the left half of 8 and you get 3.

    Karnov, that's true, but not quite what I was looking for. ;-)

  4. Old post, but I couldn't help but comment.

    You might think it's three...I think it's 0. And the other half is also 0. ;-)

  5. I love coming back to these old posts, Kerri. Please, feel free to comment on any of them. I've begun to forget some of these 'questions'.


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