Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Magnetic Bar of Iron

There are two bars of iron. One bar is magnetized along its length, while the other is not. Using just the two bars, without any other items, how can you tell which bar is magnetized and which bar is not?

I do like the Geronimo Stilton series.  The Kingdom of Fantasy series in particular has been enjoyable.


  1. by rotating one of the rod at a time it become clear which one is maganetised

  2. You can rotate one then the other and see which one changes (as in it attracts the other pole or repels it)

  3. Yes, youu got it anonymous and anonymous. By placing the two bars in a T formation, you can tell which one is magnetic and which one is not. Since the ends of the bars are the two poles, while the middle of the bar won't be influencing the non-magnetic bar.

    Copying and pasting another answer isn't going to cut it, btw...


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