Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Five Gates

A joy to hold or hold for joy
Windows out or maybe in
Never filled but too much may lessen
And sometimes to be, lost in the cold
 Whilst another finds the spice of life
But in truth.

Gates to the world?


  1. May I just say this...

    My classmates and I really enjoy your riddles and brain teasers! We would like to actually see more code breaking brain teasers like Can You Trust the Delivery Guy! It would mean a lot to my teacher too, since she's into a lot of your riddles!

    Thxs, ~A.S.T.~ & Heidelberg High School

  2. I'm really glad you like the puzzles and riddles I put up. I wish I could come up with a great question every day, but after six years of posting, it's getting tough. :-)

    Anyways, keep on watching out for new ones, but if you or your classmates come up with something, please send it along to me. I'd love to post it!

  3. The answer, btw, is your five senses.


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