Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Five Women and Five Household Items

Five women each purchase a household item for use in a different room.  Can you work out the full name of each woman, her item and where she keeps it?

1. Mrs. Simpson does not keep her item in the bedroom.
2. Amy has a television; Mrs. Griggs has a radio.
3. Kylie does not keep her item in the bedroom.
4. Clara does not have a telephone.
5. Mrs. Williams does not keep her item in the kitchen.
6. Kylie keeps hers in the conservatory.
7. Michelle has a bookcase; Mrs. Dingle has a computer.
8. Michelle does not keep her in the living room.
9. Mrs. Pringle keeps hers in the study; Roxanne keeps hers in the kitchen.

First Names: Amy, Clara, Kylie, Michelle, Roxanne
Last Names: Dingle, Griggs, Pringle, Simpson, Williams
Items: Bookcase, Computer, Radio, Telephone, Television
Locations: Bedroom, Conservatory, Kitchen, Living Room, Study

Speaking of WOT series, anyone have an update on when the last book is due out?  I can't believe I've been reading this series for 20 years, now.


  1. Amy Williams...TV...Living room

  2. make matrix and mark ..u will get easily

  3. Roxanne Simpson has Telephone in Kitchen
    Amy Williams has Television in Bedroom
    Clara Griggs has Radio in Living Room
    Kylie Dinlge has Computer in Conservatory
    Michelle Pringle has Bookcase in Study


  4. There is a flaw in the hints, because if you run all the data in visual basic in order to get all the posibles and real combinations you will get not only the "--aliyah's" answer but some other very different and other similars, like Amy Pringle-TV-Study.


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