Monday, November 28, 2011

First Is Often at the Front Door

My first is often at the front door.
My second is found in the cereal family.
My third is what greed leads you to acquire.
My whole is one of the united states.

Seriously, is Angry Birds getting to be everywhere?


  1. What, no guesses?

    First: Mat
    Second: Rye
    Third: Money
    Put them together and you get matrimony, a united state! A bit misleading, I know, but I thought it was fun.

  2. For some I go fast
    for others I'm slow.
    To most people, I'm an obsession
    relying on me is a well practiced lesson.

    (My friend asked me to send this to you so you could post it and this is the only way I could find a way to get it to you)

    ~A.S.T. & Heidelberg High School~

  3. The middle you can see with,
    The end is end's start,
    The beginning I won't tell you,
    But the whole stops your heart.

    A Jeff Original (TM)


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