Monday, March 21, 2011

Which Spy Did the Deed

- First Name - Surname - Code Name
1. Nick - Hing - Hadenov
2. Choo - Anfit - Fingsarov
3. Hans - Errs - Nodapov
4. Baz - Teale - Tikelikov

At the Spy-of-the-Year competition, the results had just been announced. The problem was, someone had tampered with the paper they were written on, altering the order, so that although each item was in the correct column, only one item in each column was correctly positioned. The judges could only remember the following facts about the correct order.

1) Hing was not second
2) Nodapov was one place above Teale
3) Neither Fingsarov nor Nodapov was first
4) Hing was one place below Nick
5) Neither Hans nor Nick were third.

1 comment:

  1. I believe the answer is:

    1. Hans - Anfit - Tikelikov
    2. Nick - Errs - Hadenov
    3. Choo - Hing - Nodapov
    4. Baz - Teale - Fingsarov


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