Monday, March 28, 2011

Keys Made by Jake

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Mary and Linda were two of the first five people who came into Jake's Hardware yesterday. Each of the five, including Jones and Silkwood, wanted to have a key duplicated. From this information and the clues, can you determine the full names of Jake's first five customers, the order in which they visited the store, and what type of key each had copied?

  1. None of the five has the same first and last initial.
  2. The first customer duplicated a key to her boat and the fifth duplicated her car key.
  3. Sam was Jake's customer before John, but not just before.
  4. One customer, not John, duplicated a house key.
  5. Smith is not the one who got a key to a garage duplicated.
  6. Susan got a copy of her office key made.
  7. Mills got a key after the one who got a garage key made.
  8. Larkin isn't the one who got an office key.

In no particular order:
Order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
First Name: Sam, John, Susan, Mary, Linda
Last Name: Jones, Silkwood, Smith, Mills, Larkin
Type of Key: Boat, Car, House, Garage, Office


  1. 1 - Mary Smith - Boat
    2 - Sam Larkin - House
    3 - Susan Jones - Office
    4 - John Silkwood - Garage
    5 - Linda Mills - Car

  2. 1- linda smith - boat
    2 - mary larkin - garage
    3 - sam mills - house
    4 - susan jones - office
    5 - john silkwood - car

  3. Ashlee - the first and fifth are both women though.

  4. ya i saw that, and it confused me at first... but i think that's an easier typo than the beginning where the whole sentence has to be wrong. what's the official answer?


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