Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dancing Partners

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At the annual dancer's ball a number of very experienced dancers performed their favourite dance with their favourite partners. Alan danced the tango, whilst Becky watched the waltz. James and Charlotte were fantastic together. Keith was magnificent during his foxtrot and Simon excelled at the rumba. Jessica danced with Alan, but Laura did not dance with Simon.

Can you determine who danced with whom and which dance they each enjoyed?


  1. I believe the answer is:

    Jessica & Alan - Tango

    James & Charlotte - Waltz

    Keith & Laura - Foxtrot

    Simon & Becky - Rumba

  2. too easy:
    Tango: Alan & Jessica
    Waltz: James & Charlotte
    Foxtrot: Keith & Laura
    Rumba: Simon & Becky

  3. Alan and Jessica Tango
    James and Charolotte waltz
    Keith and Laura foxtrot
    Simon and Becky rumba


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