Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lady or the Tiger

The king explained to the prisoner that in Room 1, if a lady is in it, then the sign on the door is true. But if a tiger is in it, the sign is false. In the Room II, the situation is the opposite: a lady in the room means the sign on the door is false, and a tiger in the room means the sign is true. It is possible that both rooms contain ladies or both rooms contain tigers, or that one room contains a lady and the other a tiger.

Room 1 Sign: Both rooms contain ladies
Room 2 Sign: Both rooms contain ladies

Pointing to the signs, the king asked the prisoner which room did he wish to choose?

This puzzle comes from the Lady or the Tiger


  1. I believe the answer is:

    Open room II: It contains the woman.
    Room I: The tiger

    On a side note I would open room I if the woman in room II was my Ex-lover than at least I would have a fighting chance. :)

  2. 1---2---Contradiciton?
    L---L---sign 2 isn't false
    L---T---sign 1 isn't true
    T---L---all good
    T---T---all good

    So room 1 definitely has a tiger, and room 2 can go either way. Pick room 2 for 50-50 chance of maulage

  3. Room 2 can not go either way. If room 2 has a tiger then the sign is supposed to be true, but the sign does not say either room contains a lion so that contradicts itself. Room 2 MUST have a lady then. Which means the sign is false (not two ladies) so the other room MUST have a tiger.


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