Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowed In

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It snowed last night! Four couples woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. Due to the high winds during the storm, the snow drifted as it fell. The plows were out early but still, it took awhile to get all the streets in town cleared. Determine the full name of each couple, how much snow they got form the storm (between 6 and 10 inches), and what time the road they lived on was plowed out (between 8:30 am and 10:00 am).

1. Rebecca, whose last name isn’t Heart, was plowed out before Greg but after the couple who got eight inches of snow.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Shephard have two inches more snow than the couple who were plowed out at 8:30 am.

3. Karl and Debbie weren’t plowed out at 9:00 am though they were plowed out before Peter.

4. Stan Grant, who isn’t married to Martha, got one inch more snow than Greg did.

5. The couples were plowed out, from earliest to latest, in the following order: the couple who got eight inches of snow, Alice, Peter, Mr. and Mrs. White.


  1. Karl and Debbie Hearth, 8 inches, 8:30 am
    Stan and Alice Grant, 7 inches, 9:00 am
    Peter and Rebecca Shephard, 10 in, 9:30 am
    Greg and Martha White, 6 inches, 10:00 am

    I couldn't tell whether 9 inches or 7 inches would be missing, but I found the same problem on another website and solved it there.

  2. it says that stan has one inch more than martha so it couldn't be 9 since 8 and 10 are already taken.


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