Wednesday, January 05, 2011

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During the recent Fast Track Cup, the first four horses did well to finish ahead of the field. After Dinner was not last and the horse wearing blue was not third. Bitter Twist was before the horse in green. Dare Devil came first. Bitter Twist finished before After Dinner. Catch Me wore red but Bitter Twist did not wear yellow.

Can you determine where each horse finished and the colours they wore?


  1. Assuming that we are just trying to place the order and colour of the four (named) horses, and these horses finished as the top four, I get:

    1st: Dare Devil (blue)
    2nd: Bitter Twist (yellow)
    3rd: After Dinner (green, of course!)
    4th: Catch Me (red)

    That's worked out by just breaking down all the properties asserted in the statement, and then iteratively finding properties that hold true.

  2. Whoops... Dare Devil should be in yellow, and Bitter Twist should be in blue.

  3. I have the same answers as you, with your corrections, Carl. Nice work.

  4. dare devil yellow first
    bitter twist blue second
    after dinner green third
    catch me red fourth


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