Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time Warp

A man had six working clocks in his house and he always checked them before going to bed. One morning he woke up and the three upstairs clocks said 8:15 while the 3 downstairs clocks said 7:30. What happened?


  1. Hmm...I'm assuming something happened with the fuses on one of the floors, probably downstairs. Or the breaker, or something that caused the power to go out on one floor for around 45 minutes. This assumes, of course, that they were electric clocks.

  2. Tough one - if his house came near to a black hole, then time would slow - so perhaps a black hole has appeared under his house, and so by the time he got up time had moved forward 45 minutes slower downstairs?

  3. I was going to throw out a time zone solution, but seeing as one set of clocks is xx:15 and the other is xx:30...

  4. he spends 45 minutes climbing up the stairs to check the clocks, perhaps?

  5. A really weird theif came to his house that just goes in, changes all your downstairs clocks, then leaves came and visited him? :D

  6. The power had gone out during the night. The three clocks with battery backup in them (the ones upstairs) were still on time.

    Or Kira could be right and it's just a 'one floor' problem because of the circuit breakers in the house. But then, somebody would have had to go flip the switch.

  7. "he always checked them before going to bed"... meaning he only corrected the upstairs clocks (where the bed is) and left the downstairs clocks as is (probably has for a long time allowing them to get off-time)

  8. nobody said the downstairs clocks were *working*. The breaker flipped off at 7:30 and is still off.

  9. there is less gravity the higher up you go, and therefore less curvature of time and space. the clocks at the bottom were lagged down by all the warping of time, while the clocks at the top were not as affected and ticked faster than the downstairs clocks

  10. there are different time zones
    so if there was a house like this _ is empty rooom and @ is a room with alarm clock

    downstair ________________________________1000kms _______@@@

    a very wide house


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