Monday, April 12, 2010

Bird Watchers Unite

Abel, Mabel, and Caleb went bird watching. Each of them saw one bird that none of the others did. Each pair saw one bird that the third did not. And one bird was seen by all three. Of the birds Abel saw, two were yellow. Of the birds Mabel saw, three were yellow. Of the birds Caleb saw, four were yellow. How many yellow birds were seen in all? How many non-yellow birds were seen in all?


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  2. Appen this took a while to solve (its a great word, spread it!)

    Caleb saw four yellow birds, the one he saw alone, the ones he saw only with another partner (both Mabel and Abel), and the one all three saw. He saw no other birds.

    Mabel saw three yellow birds and one other (lets call it Blue). The one all three saw, the one she saw with Caleb, and the one she saw alone. The one she saw with Abel was Blue.

    Abel only saw two yellow birds. The one all three saw, and the one she saw with Caleb. The other two birds she saw, alone and with Mabel, were Blue.

    So, there were two Blue birds and five Yellow birds seen altogether.

  3. I appen to think you got it all! :-)

    Rather than re-write what you've already said, I'll let it stand.

  4. 5 yellow birds
    3 non.yellow birds

  5. how did he get a blue bird? wouldnt it just be a non-yellow bird? if not i am like dumbbb


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